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Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus
Pairings: Slight Reyna/Jason
Summary: "Your name was Jason Grace. You were once a hero. But now you are one of us."
Rating: T
Author: notyourleo
Warnings: Scenery Gorn.
Notes: Dark AU, Post-MoA, Post-THO, Post-Apocalypse.


Didn't you hear what the thunder said? )
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Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus
Pairings: Leo/Piper, with some Jason/Piper.
Summary: Because Piper McLean thinks that she understands Leo Valdez. But he keeps proving her wrong, again and again.
Rating: T for swearing.
Author: notyourleo
Warnings: None.
Notes: Dark AU, Post-MoA, Post-THO, 9000 words long, sequel to The Bridges Ablaze.

I want a happy ending. )
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Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus
Pairings: Leo/Piper. Most of the time.
Summary: Because the only person she failed to save (and love) was Leo Valdez.
Rating: T because Leo mildly swears and something else if you can read between lines.
Author: notyourleo
Warnings: As you probably guessed from the summary, character death. And long one-shot.
Notes: Dark AU, Post-MoA, Post-THO, 7000 words long, done for a challenge. 

Try to fix me now, Valdez. )


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Sunday, 9 September 2012 03:23 am
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This week was, umm, okay.
Very eventful. Very eventful indeed. Exams, birthday parties, world war with cockroaches, you name it.

But anyways, still writing fanfics and stories. Abraham Lincoln has invaded my mind today and insist or writing an Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter fic. I should do that later, after I clear up a couple of other work to make room for more to come. I will be writing the Smosh fic for my sister pretty soon. I just need to plan out how the humor (and drama?) have Smosh-esque humor. Also checking out my old WIPs and finishing them. I found that they should be out of my computer by now. A breathe of fresh air for all the work I've been putting in The Jackson Legacy.

Ay, I've been reading fanfics again! Just trying out different fandoms, specifically movie fics. I've already visited Inception, and I'm trying out Back to the Future. xD

And I've been listening to Imagine Dragon's (have to thank Anastasia Laurels of for recommending them) latest album, Night Visions. Pretty awesome, though they have their old songs in there.

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It has been more than month or since the last update of The Jackson Legacy. And the next chapter has been sitting on my computer, barely moving. I have written 1,224 words for it.

What is wrong with me.